About Aerial Yoga San Antonio

Teaching since 1999, practicing yoga since 2002, and studying aerial dance since 2012, Anne found her passion when she combined her three loves and brought yoga into an aerial hammock. With the help of two friends, Laura and Michaela, the About Aerial Yoga San Antonio-Aerial Yoga San Antonio Founders, Anne, Michaela, and Laura hanging out and having fun.company was dreamed up and launched in 2014.

Grounded in Flight

  • Created to be an aerial yoga studio and school, we are focused on providing safe instruction and sound rigging to ensure all students feel safe and confident in the yoga hammock. As a company, we are rooted in aerial yoga.
  • Yoga allows you to find our footing in the swirl of life. Each yoga class will leave you feeling centered; helping you to be more grounded in the flighty nature of the world.
  • In each class there are inversions and flying postures, providing you with the freedom of flight. Each class will leave you feeling grounded through flight.