Aerial Yoga Teacher Training

Have you fallen in love with aerial yoga and are ready to teach?

This course is worth 60 hours of continuing ed with yoga alliance for Registered Yoga Teachers.

Participants in this course will learn how to safely integrate and use an aerial yoga hammock (or aerial sling) in a yoga practice. Students will learn rigging and safety, as well as, ethics of aerial yoga. Each teacher will work on creating their own style and voice as they continue to build their personal teaching philosophy. Most of the course will be dedicated to building participates understanding of each aerial yoga asana, including instruction, spotting, benefits, and contraindications.

This course also requires class experience, observation, co-teaching, and homework.

If you want to add aerial yoga to your studio, please bring Aerial Yoga San Antonio to your space to train your teachers.

Please note that this Training will not discuss the safety of rigging points, only how to rig off established aerial points. Anne’s level of safety led to an interview with Safety is the key priority of this class. Please note the noncompete agreements when you sign up for this course.** If you would like help in determining the safety of a space for aerial, you can contract with Anne seperately.

**Please note: As this training offers proprietary information, we require that participants in this program will not open an aerial yoga studio or teach aerial yoga to children, teens or adults in the San Antonio area without a conversation with Anne and written permission from Aerial Yoga San Antonio.